We teach managers to become leaders
and effectively manage people.

In Can do! Consulting we provide ready-made and above all proven solutions in the field of human resources managment and optimalization of operational processes.Years of experience in various corporations fromthe fashion retail, beauty retail, fitness & wellness and automotive have allowed us to develop ready-to-implement tools.

What can we do for you?

  • teach you and/or your team of managers how to effectively manage people while maintaining company values and high employee motivation;
  • create with you operational and motivational systems, which will work effectively in your company;
  • find, recruit and implement employees, based on our diagnosed needs and standards of your company;

Business trainings? We love it! That’s our life!

We have developed an original series of one-day open trainings in a condensed formula, based 100% on practice - Skills Shots. Our primary objective is to make the proposed solutions pragmatic, so that participants can apply them the very next day after the training.

Skills Shots can be like building blocks, and one-day training modules can create several days of comprehensive training .We can also tailor each one to the exact needs of your team. Contact us - we will tailor a training session to your needs. FIND OUT MORE

Skills Shot Management i Skills Shot Team Building training courses are our most frequently conducted closed workshops for companies. We tailor each of them to the content level of the group. We diagnose the client's needs through in-depth interviews and an anonymous online survey for participants. A great supplement to these workshops is Skills Shot Recruitment. We can also deliver each of them online, without losing the substantive quality of the workshop.

Testimonials from our clients:

  • Marcin
    If you want to have an effective workshop, meet with practitioners like Dorota Sędek. For experienced trainers, refreshing your mind with a dose of novelty and dusting off of long learnt competences, for freshers - an effective LEVEL 🆙. The perfect mix in a professional setting. I recommend 100% See you again.
  • Małgorzata
    I would like to write a few words about the company Can do!Consulting. As well as highlight why it will stay in my memory for a long time. Due to the fact that I have been looking for a job for some time, I have attended various recruitment meetings. However, I was very impressed by how high level the one I describe was!The first words that come to my mind are professionalism and attention to the smallest details. This is how the recruitment conducted by Ms Dorota Sędek looked like in several stages.First of all, respect and such a natural and human approach to the candidate. The interest in my person was visible at each stage, through e-mail reminders about the dates of subsequent meetings or tasks to be performed.Despite the fact that another candidate was selected for the given position, I received feedback explaining why such a decision was made. For me, as a person applying for a job, this is a very important element of the recruitment process. It gives me an insight into what the employer suggested and how I can improve certain things during subsequent meetings. This is very valuable!I wish everyone such a recruitment process, but of course that at the end there is a positive employment decision.
  • Klaudia
    Dorota... Words can't even describe it!!! Professionalism, knowledge, combined with energy and humanity, an explosive mixture that translated into my person, my approach to mentorship and my success! Thank you for that Dorota!
  • Kasia
    Full professionalism! Huge knowledge and the way she passes it is very understandable, prepared for each workshop, focused on participants, not like some of the leaders of this type of training, looking at the clock just to finish it and leave, not starring! I have participated in several of her trainings and each time they were conducted in a fully professional manner, she shares her knowledge and experience, she acts with passion, you can see that she likes what she does, she fully devotes herself to it and continues her education. Jest też przede wszystkim przesympatyczną kobietą z którą po szkoleniu można zostać i porozmawiać.
  • Hanna
    A meeting with Dorota is not a training, it is a revolution. Because it is difficult to call it training when after everything you want more, you can do more and you want to do something. I feel inspired, motivated and able to act. Every meeting with Dorota ends up with a million ideas in my head. Regards.
  • Marlena
    Working with Dorota is pure pleasure. She is a true leader who knows how to motivate a team to reach the heights! I appreciate her professionalism, business maturity and commitment. Dorota is an experienced supervisor and knows how important it is to motivate her employees in a positive way; she is demanding and consistent, without losing empathy and willingness to help when needed. She always gives good advice. Working with Dorota is pure pleasure.
  • Kate
    Dorota is experienced, responsible and conscious manager which can ably carry out demanding, multitasking challenges. She gives her co-workers a lot of trust and responsibility at the same time, which is something I appreciated most at the time we worked together. She is really good leader. Appreciate her social skills as well as professionalism and knowledge she deliver on the workshops.
  • Katrin
    Dorota is a perfectionist with an eye for detail who provides absolutely professional service. She is always available, extremely helpful and a sheer pleasure to work with - we will certainly use her services again. Thank you Dorota - you are the best!
  • Robert
    A sensational help in the work of a manager! Always brought great calm in difficult times! Motivator and co-creator of strategy, mega in support in achieving goals. I could always count on Dorota! Her help was always pertinent: she systematized my actions and those of the club! I miss those times!
The world is speeding up, and we are bravely keeping up with it. We are proud to be one of the first training and consulting company in Europe, to enable for our individual and corporate clients to pay for our services in cryptocurrency. We are cooperating in this area with the largest cryptocurrency payment provider Crypto.com, which allows us to be confident in the speed and security of our clients' transactions.

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