Skills Shot – Communication

Skills Shot Communication

Practical, one-day managerial skills training.

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Practical stationary training

One-day training tailored to your company, preceded by an interview and needs analysis. It is perfect as training for a specific team to improve communication and cooperation between members. It is also a great idea for integration training for the whole company, strengthening cooperation between various departments.

If you notice that in your company:

  • teams (establishments, branches, etc.) are not achieving their objectives,
  • Projects are usually delayed and/or full of mistakes,
  • there are often conflicts within the team and/or You can observe hight turnover indicator.

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Skills Shot workshops are our original series.

It consists of condensed, one-day workshops, based 100% on practice. We teach competences which participants can apply directly in their organisations the very next day. Skills Shots can be combined like building blocks, and one-day training modules can create comprehensive training courses lasting several days. We can deliver each of them at your company's premises or in an online version.

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‚Communication is a skill that can be learned. It's like riding a bike or typing. If you just work at it, you can improve the quality of every part of your life very quickly.’

Brian Tracy