Company trainings

Business trainings? We love it!

We have developed an original series of one-day open trainings in a condensed formula, based 100% on practice - Skills Shot Our primary objective is to make the proposed solutions pragmatic, so that participants can apply them the very next day after the training.

Skills Shots can belike building blocks and one-day training modules create several days of comprehensive training.We can also tailor each one to the exact needs of your team.. Contact us - we will tailor a training session to your needs. FIND OUT MORE !

Skills Shot Management and Skills Shot Team Building training courses are our most frequently conducted closed workshops for companies. . . We tailor each of them to the content level of the group. We diagnose the client's needs through in-depth interviews and an anonymous online survey for participants. A great supplement to these workshops is Skills Shot Recruitment. We can also deliver each of them online,, without losing the substantive quality of the workshop.