General terms and conditions

Last updated: 01.02.2022

1 Scope of application

Can Do Consulting Sagl, Via Cantonale 11, 6900 Lugano (hereinafter referred to as Seller/Service Provider”) reserves the right to change these GTC at any time. The version of the GTCs valid at the time of order placement applies and may not be changed unilaterally for the respective order.

The range of products and services available in the online shop is exclusively intended for customers whose place of residence or place of business is Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

2 Contract conclusion

The presentation of products/services on the online shop shall not constitute a legally binding proposal but rather a non-binding online catalogue or non-binding invitation to customers to order a given product on the online shop. Placing an order shall constitute an offer to enter into a contract with the Seller/Service Provider. The Seller/Service Provider may reject an order. A contract shall be deemed to be concluded when the Seller/Service Provider confirms the order by e-mail.

As soon as the customer has bought the offered training service, the Seller/Service Provider will grant the customer access to the web-based training service within 2 business days, subject to possible unavailability of the service. Use of the service requires an internet connection.

The customer commits to pay the agreed price for the products/services to the Seller/Service Provider according to the agreed payment method and conditions in section 3 of the GTCs.

The customer is forbidden from revealing log-in details or provide access to the training service to third parties, provided by the Seller/Service Provider. Failure to comply will result in legal action to obtain compensation for any damage incurred by the Seller/Service Provider.

3 Products and prices

All prices quoted are net, in Swiss Francs and include value added tax (VAT).

The prices stated on the online shop at the time of placing an order shall apply. Prices are shown on the website on the seller, next to the respective training module.

The following modes of payment are accepted by the Seller/Service Provider:


In case of online payment, the customer is obliged to pay within 1 day of confirmation of the order by the Seller/Service Provider, failure to do so will be considered as a cancellation of the order.

4 Intellectual Property

All rights to these GTC, particularly copyrights, are reserved by Can Do Consulting Sagl.

All reproduction, distribution or other use is prohibited except with written permission from Can Do Consulting Sagl. In the event of breach of this requirement, Can Do Consulting Sagl reserves the right to take legal action.

All contents of products/services offered by the Seller/Service Provider cannot be copied or distributed without prior written approval by the Seller/Service Provider. Contents shall only be

copied and used by the customer for private use or strictly within the professional activity of the customer).

Any abuse will result in a request for compensation to the Seller/Service Provider.

5 Order change or cancellation

With the order by the customer, and e-mail confirmation by the Seller/Service Provider, a binding contract according to these GTCs is concluded.

Contract cancellation by the customer is not possible (except with explicit approval by the Seller/Service Provider) if the customer has provided payment (partially or in full), or has downloaded any documents/files created by the Seller/Service Provider.

6 Complaints

The customer may make a complaint via e-mail at or in writing at Can Do Consulting Sagl, Via Cantonale 11, 6900 Lugano.

The complaint must include a description of the issue, full name of the person making the complaint, order number (to which the complaint refers to) and contact details of the customer.

The Seller/Service Providers has the right to contact the customer through the provided contact details.

The complaint will generally be processed within 14 days from the date of the notification.

7 Data protection and privacy policy

The “Privacy policy” provided on the website is considered an integral part of these GTCs. By accepting these GTCs, the customer confirms to having been informed of the privacy policy and agrees to the privacy policy of the Seller/Service Provider.

8 Client obligations

The client shall not remove technical protections and restrictions used by the Seller/Service Provider in the provided products/services or in the files/documents provided by the Seller/Service Provider.

By placing an order, the customer commits to equip the electronic infrastructure that will be used to access the website of the Seller/Service Provider with an antivirus software and to update it regularly. The customer is also forbidden from uploading forbidden or illegal content on the internet.

9 Warranty/Disclaimer

The customer, by entering in a contract with the Seller/Service Provider, accepts the following warranty and liability exclusions. The Seller/Service Provider does not guarantee to the customer any result from the contractual relationship. In particular, the customer accept that the Seller/Service Provider is not liable for any damage in which the customer may incur due to the provided instructions, documentation, information and in general for any deficiency in the products or services provided, including the training. Any responsibility or liability of the Seller/Service Provider for any damage caused by the use or the inability to use the training service is also excluded. The customer authorizes the Seller/Service Provider to rely on third parties or collaborators to provide the contractually agreed services and accepts that these warranty and liability exclusions apply also if the contractual obligations are carried out by third parties or collaborators.


10 Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

All legal relations between Can Do Consulting Sagl and customers are subject to substantive Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any legal dispute arising from the contract or in any way connected to it or to these GTCs is Lugano, Switzerland.