Skills Shot – Management

Skills Shot Management

Practical, one-day managerial skills training (stationary and online).

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Practical stationary training

A one-day workshop tailored for middle managers, people planning to be promoted to managerial positions or entrepreneurs employing staff, based on the presenter's 14 years of managerial and operational experience in several industries. It contains a package of the most important competences necessary for every manager to effectively manage a team. Preceded by an interview and a study of training needs in the trained organisation.

If you notice that in your company:

  • teams (establishments, branches, etc.) are not achieving their objectives,
  • managers are not effective in enforcing orders,
  • managers complain about an overload of responsibilities, high staff turnover,

It is necessary to contact us about training for your managers.

Skills Shot workshops are our original series.

It consists of condensed, one-day workshops, based 100% on practice. We teach competences which participants can apply directly in their organisations the very next day. Skills Shots can be combined like building blocks, and one-day training modules can create comprehensive training courses lasting several days. We can deliver each of them at your company's premises or in an online version.

Some brands that we have cooperated with:

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